How to inspect shipments for possible damages

We take the most comprehensive packaging protection measures and will insure your goods for 110% of the value of the goods. Any mistakes in the logistics process will be borne by the insurance company. In case of unfortunate damage, we will work to help you get needed replacements as quickly as possible at no extra charge. If something arrives from us that looks damaged, or if parts are missing, please notify us right away. Therefore it is very important, that you inspect all packages at the time of delivery BEFORE signing the receipt.

Please open the top of the box(es) and inspect the item(s). If there is any damage, big or small, please note on the receipt before signing. If possible, photograph the packaging before you open it. Once you have opened the package, if the goods inside are damaged, take pictures to show the damage. IT IS IMPERATIVE THAT YOU DO NOT SIGN FOR A SHIPMENT, ACCEPTING LIABILITY FOR A DELIVERY, THAT YOU HAVE NOT COMPLETELY INSPECTED.

Taking delivery of bulky items and palletized shipments

Most bulky items like sofas, chairs, steam showers, whirlpool bathtubs, sauna units, toilets, vanities and other bulky products will be shipped in one or more wooden crates and/or cardboard boxes on pallets for the protection and safe delivery of your product.

PLEASE READ: It is very important to read the information in this document carefully and in its entirety before the arrival of your item for an informed and smooth transition.

  1. First Step: Upon arrival of your item, request the driver to wait and inspect all internal and external contents for damages and/or discrepancies. This is a very important procedural step because you do not want to cause delay if shipment is damaged. Carefully inspect entire contents before releasing the driver from your place of premise. Upon signing the release form, you are accepting responsibility for any damage found after the fact. This includes allowing the driver to leave without adding any notations, and therefore acknowledging that the delivery was received and all items on the shipping manifest were in the good condition.
  2. When a delivery item is signed and marked in good condition there will be no further requests for an insurance claim!
  3. When a driver is unable to remain at your premise, please note on the Proof of Delivery (POD): “DRIVER UNABLE TO WAIT FOR INSPECTION – POSSIBLE CONCEALED DAMAGE – SUBJECT TO INSPECTION”.
  4. If damage is discovered, describe the damage, writing it down on the Proof of Delivery (POD). It is vitally important that you must have the driver acknowledge this with their personal initials and signature, and for you to retain your copy of the POD.
  5. Some shipments are in multiple boxes and/or crates and each must be inspected immediately upon receipt.
  6. All boxes and crates must be maintained with the original packaging for an inspector to inspect upon arrival. The inspector will note the damage and file the necessary report for a legitimate claim to be filed promptly.

Why do all boxes and packaging materials have to be kept until insurance inspection has taken place?

If the boxes and crates are missing, the freight company will not accept or acknowledge responsibility for the shipping damages through delivery. When a specific shipment or delivery of an item is moved to a new location after the initial delivery and damage occurs, the freight company and the insurance company will NOT be held liable because the delivered item was transported to a different address. It is the sole responsibility of the receiver / designated recipient / consignee of the initial delivery, to ensure safe transport of all items in the shipment after signing for the delivery in good condition.

Damage incurred on the exterior of a box or crate is not indicative the product has also incurred damage during transport, but it is important for you to inspect immediately. Factory Defects or Damages of any kind must be reported within three days or seventy-two hours of the initial delivery to avoid being categorized in the “Part Warranty Repair” category.

Ask the driver to wait until you have inspected all items of your delivery and to sign for any possible damages!

If damage to the packaging has occurred, you are entitled to inspect the shipment, thus the driver will wait until you have completed a thorough examination of all items in the shipment. Specialty items such as toilets are to be inspected immediately and upon noting damage, must be documented and the delivery refused. Items that are delivered damaged must be reported within 72 hours. If you fail to report within 72 hours after the date and time of delivery, you are no longer eligible to receive replacement parts as all liability will be removed from the freight company and the dealer or the merchant through whom the purchase was made.

Things to look for that may indicate product damage

Things to look for that may indicate product damage:

  • Delivered without a pallet
  • Shrink wrap is torn
  • Dents on the boxes
  • Arrived with NO straps
  • Wet or dirty box(es)

To summarize: Be as picky as possible and note down all damages on the Proof of Delivery (POD), have the driver sign with his name and keep a copy of the Proof of Delivery (POD).

The Bill of Lading is a binding contract, signing it without proper notations means that the shipment was received in good order and condition. Without proper notations the carrier will deny any claims filed which may jeopardize our ability to send you a replacement. Only when the necessary and detailed instructions are explicitly followed, a claim may be filed in your behalf. The freight company and the insurance company will not compensate for any damages when the above instructions are neglected and not followed as requested.